SHIGASAVER saves electricity used by induction motors
(AC motors)!

SHIGASAVER is not all-purpose product.  It is no use to light system, electric furnace, control, or sound.  SHIGASAVER can works for motive power systems where motors are used.

Technology of SHIGASAVER

Focused on electric power loss of a motor due to its internal structural properties.

5 to 10% of efficiency of motor are lost due to harmonics (reverse forward rotation torque) caused from the structural problem of the alternating current motors.

In an induction motor, rotating magnetic field generated in the gap between a coil-wound stator and a rotor pulls the rotor to turn.
When the excitation current of the commercial power frequency flows in this windings, rotating magnetic field of the commercial frequency (fundamental wave) is generated.

Ordinary induction motors store copper windings in slots in the iron core of the motor housing.
Because copper wire has low magnetic permeability (high magnetic resistance = non-magnetic material), the magnetic field strength directly under the slot becomes weak, whereas the magnetic permeability becomes high (= magnetic material) directly under the iron core and the magnetic field strength here becomes strong.
As shown in the diagram on the left, the harmonic rotating magnetic field due to the slot is generated on the rotating magnetic field of the fundamental wave (50Hz, 60Hz).

Technology of SHIGASAVER Ⅱ

Electric motor losses are caused by 11, 17, 23, and 29-order harmonics.

When the rotating magnetic field of the commercial frequency (fundamental wave) occurs, this magnetic field causes harmonic  rotating magnetic field due to the winding storge slot of  stator.  This magnetic field induces a harmonic voltage in the winding of the second rotor, which causes a harmonic current to flow through the rotor. An electromagnetic force is generated between the harmonic current and the harmonic rotating magnetic field, and a torque of reverse rotation is generated, thereby reducing motor efficiency.

※What is Harmonics? = Harmonics are defined as sine waves with a frequency that is an integer multiple of the fundamental wave.  Harmonics have the property of adversely effecting an electric furnace, connection equipment, and a transformer by the electric current.  The frequency of three times the fundamental wave is called the third harmonic, the frequency of five times the fundamental wave is called the fifth harmonics.  Each electric power company is focusing on the suppression of these low-order harmonics in particular.

Ex. The third harmonic of 50 Hz is a sine wave having a frequency of 50 times 3 = 150 Hz

Reliability of SHIGASAVER system

  In the SHIGASAVER system, even in the event of a trouble, a dedicated breaker senses the failure and immediately disconnects it from the main line, so that no serious problem occurs in the use of electricity.

SHIGASAVER is applicable to any kind of industries!

SHIGASAVER is creating values in all industries required great amount of motive power, including manufactures, refrigerating/freezing warehouses, super markets, convenience stores, etc.

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